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5th Grade Track Meet Results

Boys 100 Meter Girls 100 Meter Boys 400 Meter Girls 400 Meter
  1. Ka.Nye Lacey
  2. Luke Hardimon
  3. Chirsshawn Pulley
  1. Lyndsey Miller
  2. Tylah Green
  3. Clarise Sewell
  1. Luke Hardimon
  2. Tyler Slack
  3. O'Bryant Brown
  1. Lyndsey Miller
  2. Adeline Redman
  3. Tylah Green
Boys 4 x 100 Relay Girls 4 x 100 Relay Boys 800 Meter Girls 800 Meter
  1. Mrs. Green's Class
    1. Ka'Nye Lacey
    2. Tyler Slack
    3. Reid Murray
    4. Grayland Minor
  2. Mrs. Forsting's Class
    1. Hassani Elliot
    2. Drew Williams-Foster
    3. Bradlee Plummer
    4. Trasean Sims
  3. Mrs. Boyd's Class
    1. Cam Ely
    2. Landonte Price
    3. Ramauri Johnson
    4. O'Bryant Brown
  1. Mr. Chapman's Class
    1. Lyndsey Miller
    2. Hope Richardson
    3. Audrey Alm
    4. Adeline Redman
  2. Mrs. Forsting's Class
    1. Keely Gregory
    2. Tylah Green
    3. Kalynn North
    4. Zariyah Gilmore
  3. Mrs. Green's Class
    1. Clarise Sewell
    2. Mayhogeni Coleman
    3. Jaliyah Wallace
    4. Bridgette Murphy
  1. Luke Hardimon
  2. Tyler Slack
  3. Hassani Elliot

  1. Lyndsey Miller
  2. Madison Slack
  3. Adeline Redman



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North Elementary accepts responsibility that students will develop essential skills for their grade level by mastering district curriculum.  Highly qualified staff will determine the level of mastery through analysis of various assessments.  Appropriate research-based interventions and enrichment will be provided to ensure student success.


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